Gevalia Frothy 2-Step Cappuccino Espresso Keurig K-Cup Coffee Pods & Froth Packets Kit

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Details: Make your mornings extra delicious with Gevalia Frothy Cappuccino 2-Step K?Cup Espresso Pods. Our single-serve cappuccino coffee pods work with Keurig 1.0 & 2.0 brewing systems and use slow roasted, snapped cooled coffee beans. We use the perfect care for the perfect cup so you can savor the combination of rich espresso coffee and creamy froth. Gevalia Coffee K Cups come from Arabica beans sourced from around the world. Each froth packet boasts real milk for rich, creamy goodness with every cup. Our box of 6 single-serve espresso K Cups and 6 cappuccino froth packets have 100 calories per serving. To enjoy delicious cappuccino coffee, first, add the froth packet to your mug, place it on your brewer's cup stand, and then select the 8 . brew size. Pop an espresso K Cup from this box of coffee pods into your brewer, hit the brew button and stir the contents of your mug once it stops brewing. Drink the smooth, satisfying cappuccino coffee as is, or add sweetener for a personalized blend. Try Gevalia Coffee K Cups and experience 150 years of Swedish tradition.

6 ct. box of Gevalia Cappuccino K Cup Espresso Style Pods with Cappuccino Froth Packets

Gevalia Cappuccino K Cup Espresso Style Pods with Froth Packets add cafe style foam to your cup and use slow roasted, snap cooled coffee beans

Latte froth made from real milk for a smooth and creamy taste

We use the perfect care for the perfect cup so you can enjoy a rich espresso coffee with delicious cappuccino flavor and creamy foam

Our Gevalia K Cup coffees use a two-step brewing process that is quick and easy

Gevalia Cappuccino K Cups are compatible with all Keurig 1.0 & 2.0 brewing systems

Single-serve pods lock in flavor until you are ready to enjoy

Ingredients: Coffee Ingredients: 100% Arabica Coffee.,cappuccino Froth Packet Ingredients: Nonfat Dry Milk, Sugar, Hydrogenated Coconut Oil, Maltodextrin, Contains Less Than 2% Of Natural And Artificial Flavor, Modified Cornstarch, Silicon Dioxide, Sodium Phosphate.


Contains: milk.

Directions: Step 1

Empty Cappuccino Froth Packet Into Mug; Place On Cup Stand.

Step 2

Insert Espresso K-Cup Pod And Brew Using 8-Fl Setting. Stir And Sweeten As Necessary.

(In The 3Rd Bubble, No Step Number)

Take In The Aroma And Awaken Your Senses

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